10.Best trail running shoes for wide feet

10.best trail running shoes for wide feet

If your feet sleep in running shoes or you are fighting, you will need wide toe shoes.

Runners who need wide running shoes have a pair of options: find a pair that comes in a wide range of sizes (usually D for women or 2E for men) Or try standard trail running shoes with more room in the footstool. Some runners who line up between standard and wide sizes may also benefit from having their shoes different to fit more comfortably.

best trail running shoes for wide feet
best trail running shoes for wide feet

If you have wide legs, here are some trail running shoes that can give you a better fit.

  • 1.Topo Athletic Runventure3
  • 2. Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon G 235
  • 3. Altra AFM1859F Men’s Olympus 3 
  • 4.  Adidas Performance Men’s Thrasher 1.1 M 
  • 5. Topo Athletic Ultraventure
  • 6. Salomon Supercross – Women’s
  • 7. New Balance FuelCell Propel V2
  • 8. Xero Shoes TerraFlex
  • 9.Hokkaido One Speed Boat 4 shoes
  • 10.Brooks Cascadia 14

We base our recommendations on more than 2 million 3D foot scans during the wide foot identification process. Each scan informs us better the way we fit all runners. Want to scan? Find a place for wide near you.

Our experts have tested the best trail running shoes for more than 85 women in the last 6 years. This season we bought one of the top 19 to test together. Our team of experts took each pair on trails around the world. From the high mountain pass in Peru to the rocky single track of Oriri, Rocky Mountain, we’ve tackled the isolated coastline in Iceland and experienced everyone on the frozen sidewalks around Toronto, Ontario. What is it. Each couple has seen at least 60 trail miles. Result? A completely unbiased review to help you find the best pair of trail running shoes that meet your needs.

1.Topo Athletic Runventure 3

If you prefer a well-cushioned shoe like the Hokka Speedboat or Brooks Calderia, at least the Hybrid, stay clean of this zero drop. But if you’re looking for something lighter and smoother that can keep yourself in the mud – but don’t feel like you’re stuck in the bricks with your feet on the floor – look at Ranveer 3. The shoe lacks the support of the abhishan and mihrab, which is why it is found in other areas as well.

The plate will protect your foot pad when it comes down hard from the root but the rest of the shoe will not give you extra protection. However, it’s almost like a road race. Testers who prefer minimal trail shoes prefer a comfortable fit of this shoe and a generally acceptable ride.



light weight

Farf Foot Rockplate


Very little ass

The best trail is running

2.Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon G 235

So light and taut, it reminds us of a growing track or soccer harvest, the X-Talon G235 is a solid choice for runners who want to go fast on wet technical routes. The close-fitting upper is practically bomb-proof – the water-repellent ballistic nylon keeps small stones out, while the built-in gator hooks on the heel and a rubber band welded to the forehead form a stiff seal against the elements.

In the midsole, a long rock plate protects your feet from sharp debris, while firm foam cushions absorb shock without feeling sluggish. An aggressive, graphene-enhanced aussol with 8ml provides excellent traction on loose surfaces. Be warned that the shoe is a little tight at times


Excellent traction on soft mud.

Extremely durable upper.



Minimal cushion.

Best for High Arches support 

3. Altra AFM1859F Men’s Olympus 3 

The running shoe sport is a new name for Ultra, but the company’s dedication to proper fit has made it a quick run for runners. The Ultra AFM1859F Men’s Olympus 3 Trail Running Shoe features the same zero drop platform for which it is known, which maintains the heel and keeps the foot forward at the same height from the ground. This not only helps the body to align with less impact but also helps to strengthen the muscles of the calf and lower calf over time.

The flexible and responsive midsole balances the length of the shoe, and the soles are made from the company’s Vibram Maggrap ™ material, which promises unparalleled traction on the longest stretches of wet or dry surfaces. They also come with hooks and loop tabs that allow you to attach leggings to your trail shoe to avoid dirt and other debris. Consumers are outraged about this and say that this version of the shoe is still the best.


Midsole is flexible

Extra light weight


Not decent

Best for Flat Feet Trail Running Shoe

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Thrasher 1.1 M 

People with flat feet need to choose trail running shoes with special care to support the arch. The Adidas Performance Thresher 1.1M trail running shoes that offer the amenities and structure are required. Not only do they fit more comfortably for people with flat feet, but they also help to correct any excesses (when the foot is turned inwards) which is often the case with flat feet. ۔

Runners say the shoe offers the performance and quality you’d expect from an Adidas, and is comfortable running as well as hiking. It also achieves high marks for traction and stability. A lot of the notes, however, are that these shoes are small and require you to make them at least half the size of your regular running shoes.

Pr o
Lightweight with a wide toe box
Supportive and durable cushioning

Not use narrow feet

Best Versatility for Wider Feet

5.Topo Athletic Ultraventure -WomeThey-Women’s

Athletic Ultraventure is a head turner for people who like to spread their fingers. The main reason for this is its very wide toe box. Over the years, we’ve been dedicated to the ultra-lone braid (similar design), but these shoes have changed our tone. This shoe eliminates the need for better performance and greater durability. After running more than 150 miles last year, he has never competed. The cushions are more responsive and thicker, offering the best protection and confidence on the trail. The surface water is easily drained and stays perfectly dry in wet conditions. It works well on all types of technical areas, offers a slight heel in the heel, and is stable on the bottom. It’s a great choice for any distance as well as hiking, and casual wear around town.

The downside? The lugs are made of a sturdy rubber that works well in catching rocks, but they are not too long to fight on loose terrain. Also, the foot feels a bit “wrestling”. Like ultra-lone peaks, it is still difficult to lock the foot down to prevent the foot from slipping forward and hitting the front of the shoe.


Vibram outsole with good lateral and front-back traction

Water-resistant upper with great drainage

Good foot protection 


Hard to lock the foot in with rigid upper

     Top pick Award shoes

6.Salomon Supercross – Women’s

The Solomon Speedcross stands for its excellent traction and stable design that crushes rocky, muddy and icy terrain. Made of 5mm long sticky countertrape rubber that impresses confidence by throwing steep slopes, talus, scree, and muddy trails up and down. The only shoe that comes close is the Salomon SpeedCross 5, another excellent traction shoe that is not as stable as the SuperCopras. We chose this shoe for a long day on the trail, especially when there was a possibility of rocky, wet, or muddy conditions.

The fit of this shoe is very big and definitely needs the bottom size. For those who like a little extra room, just go below one and a half sizes. For those who prefer a more specific fit, reduce the full size. Although it has a wide platform, the toe prints sharply in front of the toe, which, if your shoe is large, leaves your feet together when you go down steep trails.


Excellent traction across most 


Affordable and durable construction

Exceptionally protective.


Doesn’t do well on pavement

7.New Balance FuelCell Propel V2

All of these fuel options can be confusing because there is so much power. While the Propylene V2 midsole feels soft to the touch, the N-Durian rubber oscillation gives it a more robust texture. No worries, it’s not as strong as the 890. In fact, it sounds great.

One of my runs was repeated 15 times in 1 minute on a 1 minute break. I was amazed at how good the shoe felt when I took off. It rotates easily from midfoot to toe and handles fast with ease.

The top may not be the most luxurious material, but it does work. The fit is great in both length and width. I know this because I didn’t feel the need to use another lace eyelet. Short language bugs me though. When equipped, the knot sits just above the tongue, making it difficult to grasp if you need to adjust. Thankfully, it didn’t irritate my ankles.

While the Fuel Cell Propel v2 isn’t an uncertain wide option, the 100 price tag makes it an extraordinary choice. It is actually the cheapest shoe on this list. I appreciate that the new balance is providing the public with a better and more affordable option that includes their new midsole foam.


Foot protection 

Good Sensitivity 

Stability, Comfort and fit


Fit is huge, size down half to one 

whole size.

8.Xero Shoes TerraFlex

Terra Flex trails are designed for running, hiking and they are very rare. The shoe has a lightweight rubber outsole and a wide toe that allows your toes to stretch and relax. The shoes have a flat heel (zero drops) for proper posture.

 These shoes are very risky and have a 4mm lug sole, which gives you excellent traction when running up, down, fast, or is slow, dry, and wet conditions. When it comes to comfort, the natural motion design allows your legs to bend, soften, and move easily.

The soles used in these shoes have Fell Treo soles that provide you with a lot of protection while still giving your brain grounded views for efficient, natural movement. The shoes are also very light and travel friendly. They weigh around 8 ounces (each) for men and 4.4 ounces (each) for women.

The sole is 2 mm and it is removable. Shoes are also barefoot friendly so you can wear them with or without socks. You can also remove the optional 2mm insole if you want to feel more like barefoot. Like all their Fell Trevo soles, TerraFlex also has its 5,000-mile single warranty support.


 can be used for both lightweight,

 trail running and hiking



 Heavy lace, less cushioned

9.Hokkaido One Speed Boat 4 shoes

The Hoka One One Speed Boat 4 is unique in that the shoe incorporates strong protection and dynamic cushioning, with innumerable uses for trail runners. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

 This protects you from fine sand particles and other annoying debris. Inside the mesh is a formal synthetic material, which helps to remove moisture. This feature makes Hokkaido shoes a great option for hot summer days.


Can handle trails from moderate to technical

High grip

Well balanced pillow

The best foot bumper


Although it can handle flat trails, they use l. It can be very large

Some shoes can be considered too heavy

10.Brooks Cascadia 14

Cascadia has been a good shoe for Brooks over the years, and he has sold many of these items not only to stains but also to backpacks. Cascade 14 has just been redesigned, so there are a lot of new updates. The first major update is the weight of the shoe.

 The back shoe was a pretty heavy 23.8 ounces but the Cascadia 14 Men weighs 21.4 ounces. Another major change with Cascadia is heel height. 13 ran a 10 mm offset and 14 runs were slightly less than 8 mm offset.

When it comes to fitting the Cassidia 14, you get a slightly sleek design and you also get an integrated saddle system to hold a little more around your midfit. The shoe still uses Brooks’ PivotPost system, which helps when you’re running on rough ground and mid-civil, even though it’s made from their biog DNA.

 The Cascade 14 still has the Cordura mudguard, designed to help protect you from debris, but it still allows water inside and outside the shoe. The shoe still has a tongue pocket for your laces, which was around 13 and you still get a guitar attachment.


 The new model is lighter and more capable.

Sleek design 


Even with the changes, it’s still not a fast and agile shoe.

How to measure the feet of wide fitting shoes?

There are different ways to measure your feet, all very simple, and all you need to do is keep your feet flat. Once your foot is flat on the floor, you should measure the tape and measure the height and width of your foot. If you like your shoes well and tightly, then be sure to add an extra two millimeters to the width / height of your feet to estimate the correct foot.
We always recommend that you choose your shoe width based on how you wear your shoes. When it comes to shoes, it depends on your personal preferences which are more suitable for wide feet!

What to look for in a wide trail running shoe?

In addition to the traction system, cushioning, ventilation, and drainage features, there is a wide range of trail running shoes.

Fitness is definitely the most important feature when choosing footwear. Embrace your entire foot without squeezing the shoes. Your toes should be kept together in the toe box.

Why are my heels slipping into wide shoes?
When your heel is slipping it is usually a sign that your shoes are too wide, therefore, you need wide toe shoes for your feet but your heels are tight enough. Are

Also, you may need a narrower size. For example, you could try D instead of EE.

Types of trail operators

Here are three main types of trail running shoes:

Lightweight trail running shoes:

 Trail running shoes are designed to deal with a variety of terrain, from light paths to trails and even off-trails. Lightweight trail shoes are designed for less technical areas such as smooth and well-prepared trails. 

These shoes are usually lighter in weight and are slightly stiffer and more protective than road shoes. These feathers are generally light and breathable and have shallow deficiencies on the outside to make good trays on gravel and packed soil.

Rugged trail running shoes:

 They shine on everything from smooth trails to difficult technical single tracks. Typically, these shoes come with toe protectors and extra protection under the soles of the feet to protect your feet from rocks and roots.

 They can also have internal shanks, which make it harder to keep you steady on difficult trails. The outsole has deep multidimensional knees for strong pulling in clay and soft soils. Some models have rubber grip rubber for extra traction of rocks at the roots.

Off-Trail running Shoes:

 Designed to handle anything the trail can throw at them. Many of these features are similar to those of rugged trail shoes but use heavier materials for extra stiffness. Usually, the tops are thick so they won’t eat breakfast on rocks and brushes. These shoes are designed for safety and durability.

What are the best trail running shoes for wide feet?

New Balance Women’s Leadwell V3 Vibram Trail Running Shoe

With the help of plush N2 pillow technology, they have tried to get away from the trails. Consumers say they provide great support, are comfortable, and don’t care about the region.

Which is brand trail running shoes for feet?

Not long ago, runners were buying oversized shoes to compensate for their big feet. Today, most serious brands are producing special shoes for wide feet.

All the popular running shoe brands like Nike, Eddie Dos, Brooks and New Balance have a wide range of options.

However, companies that specialize in trail running shoes are taking these issues seriously. For example, the Ultra and Ano-8 have a wide leg box that can accommodate mostly wide legs.


Make sure you know what kind of wide shoes your feet need.

If you need a wide toe box that can spread your legs while running, go with these ultra trail running shoes.

However, if your feet still feel stiff with Ultra, you will need more shoes. I would recommend this wide edition of the Salonon Speedcross because this running shoe has proven to be one of the best trail running shoes worn to run obstacles.

Hope you are walking pain free with these new shoes.


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